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COMANCHE, TEXAS, October 17, 2023 – Comanche-based Crosswind Ranch was established in 2015 with one goal in mind: connect more people to agriculture. Today, after years of building and improving their herd of Angus and Akaushi cattle, they’re excited to live out that mission by delivering ranch-raised beef to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

 “I grew up working summers on my grandfather’s farm, but built a career in the city,” said Jason Davis, owner and operator of Crosswind Ranch. “The further I got away from my agricultural roots, the more I yearned to reconnect with it. I am an Army veteran and I think there are a lot of parallels to the lessons learned on the farm and in the military in terms of discipline and work ethic.”

Jason and his wife, Lisa, began planning for this full-circle moment of returning to the agricultural lifestyle nearly a decade ago. While working and raising their family in DFW, they spent many weekends flying (Jason is a private pilot) or driving to San Saba, where the ranch originated on family land. In 2020, they purchased property in Comanche, which is about two hours southwest of Fort Worth, and after their youngest child graduated from Prosper ISD in 2022, they relocated to the ranch permanently. While they left DFW behind as their place-of-residence, they’ve always known they’d be back often.

“Living in the metroplex, with very little tangible connection to agriculture myself at the time, I witnessed how much of a gap has formed between those who produce and those who consume our nation’s food,” Jason said. “As I pursued my dream of returning to ranch life and agricultural production, I also saw a huge opportunity to help bridge that gap by inviting people in, teaching them why we raise our livestock the way we do, and encouraging them to shop from local farmers and ranchers rather than the big guys.”

Today, they are doing just that. Crosswind Ranch is an agri-tourism destination, offering onsite cabins, conservation-focused hunting, interaction with – and education about – the cattle herd, among other experiences. In 2023, they’ve added a beehive and a seasonal garden in hopes of producing local honey and vegetables for their ranch guests – and other consumers – to enjoy. But their biggest accomplishment this year has been launching their direct-to-market beef business.

Jason raises cattle at Crosswind Ranch from birth to processing. He manages the health, nutrition, and day-to-day operations of the herd with a commitment to using no hormones or antibiotics and low-stress handling practices learned through the Beef Quality Assurance® certification program he completed in 2019. He works with small processors near Comanche to butcher his cattle and takes pride in knowing exactly what is happening every step of the way to bring beef from his herd to your plate.

And now Crosswind Ranch is hitting the road to make it easier for those in the city to access their high quality, Texas-born, raised, and processed beef. Crosswind Ranch beef can be ordered online at and can be picked up or purchased directly at farmer’s markets in the DFW-area monthly.

The next available opportunity to purchase or receive delivery of Crosswind Ranch beef will be Oct. 28-29 at the following markets:

“We are so excited to bring our beef to consumers in DFW,” Jason said. “We hope they can taste the difference in locally grown beef and invite them to come learn more about how it gets from ranch to plate by visiting the ranch.”

You can learn more about Crosswind Ranch at and on their Facebook page.

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