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Israeli Combat Shooting Lead Instructor - Bill Mis


North Texas Instructor Supplies Vital Handgun Training Prior to Start of Permitless Carry Law
Using Realistic Self-Defense Situations, Tactical Firearms Training Class Teaches Safer Way to Carry a Handgun

NORTH TEXAS – Israeli Combat Shooting (ICS) Instructor, Bill Mischke of Flower Mound Taekwondo & Krav Maga, provides realistic self-defense training with a different approach and an emphasis on safety. Prior to the enacting of the permitless carry law, scheduled to go into effect on Sept. 1, he recognized the need for a more effective approach to handgun training and overall safety.

The goal of this class is to provide the North Texas community with the skills needed to protect themselves and their families, according to Mischke. He notes that with the implementation of permitless carry around the corner, this type of training is crucial for public safety.

Developed by the Israel Defense Forces, the method taught during this class emphasizes a quick draw-charge-shoot technique that virtually eliminates accidental or negligent discharges. Classes focus on a variety of alternating training drills including but not limited to shooting under stress, shooting from various positions, shooting while moving, weapon retention, situational awareness, defense against multiple threats, fighting and shooting, protecting family members, and more.

“We take safety very seriously,” said Mischke. “Not only do we prepare our students for how to react during threatening encounters, we also discuss how to evaluate situations to determine the safest course of action. That doesn’t necessarily mean drawing your weapon.”

In addition to teaching ICS classes, Mischke owns and serves as the lead instructor at Flower Mound Taekwondo & Krav Maga. “The purpose of both the krav maga and ICS systems is to keep you safe in a street-style attack where there are no rules and a split-second decision may be all you get,” said Mischke.

ICS classes currently take place monthly rain or shine, with the next class scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 4, from 9 a.m. - noon at Proactive Defense Shooting Range in Northlake, Texas. Advance registration though the website,, is required to attend.


About Bill Mischke: Bill Mischke has been teaching self-defense for over 20 years. He is a Certified Instructor of ICS Tactical Handgun, ICS Tactical Rifle, Active Shooter Response, and Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement through the Krav Maga Association. He is an Expert Level Instructor of krav maga. In addition, Mischke is a sixth-degree black belt in taekwondo and a Master Instructor. Established in 2004, Mischke is the Owner and Lead Instructor at Flower Mound Taekwondo & Krav Maga in Flower Mound, Texas. Additional information is available at and