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 "Step into the World of Thrills & Chills!" 

Greetings, dear friends of fun and family adventures! We'd like to invite you to an enchanting journey into the spine-tingling, yet heartwarming world of the Win Kids Haunted House Extravaganza. 


 Brought to you by Win Kids and Our Gracious Sponsors - 


 What to Expect: 

 A Haunted House Like No Other: Step inside our mysterious and captivating haunted house, where enchanting thrills and delightful chills await the whole family. Our spooky spectacles are perfect for school age children ( 4+) and their courageous parents!


 Fun & Safe Adventures: Safety is our top priority! Win Kids ensures that this haunted house experience is not only entertaining but also secure, so you can enjoy a worry-free outing with your little ghouls and goblins.


 Amazing Facility: After the spine-tingling adventure, make sure to explore our state-of-the-art facility. With top-notch equipment and a warm, welcoming environment, Win Kids is the perfect place for kids to learn, grow, and play!

So, if you're in the mood for something delightful, thrilling, and guaranteed to put a smile on your child's face, make your way to Win Kids! We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous sponsors for helping us bring this enchanting experience to your families.


Event Details: 

Date: [October 22 - October 30] Location: Win Kids Facility, [3000 Waketon Rd Flower Mound, Texas]

Join us, and let your kids discover a world of fun and wonder this Halloween season. Remember, it's not about the destination; it's about the journey and the memories we create along the way!

Come one, come all, and let the enchantment begin! 


For more information, visit our website at WWW.WINKIDS.NET or call us at 972-355-9988. Don't miss out on this hauntingly good time!

Win Kids - Where Kids Come First!


For more information:

Call: 972.355.9988



Win Kids is a one-of-a-kind children's sports and activity center with programs for children in Parent & Child Gymnastics, Preschool Gymnastics, Competition Teams, Ninja Warriors, Tumbling and Trampoline, Piano Instruction, Birthday Parties, Parent's Nights Out, Camps and more! We have a world-class facility of 27,000 square feet on 5 acres.  It was built by a visionary Founder with a passion for creating magical experiences and extraordinary learning environments for children.  Win Kids has assembled a team of over 40 coaches and teachers enthusiastic about giving children the freedom, respect, and challenge to develop to their maximum unlimited potential and to help all children, regardless of athletic ability, to know what it feels like to be an athlete and reach goals they didn’t know they could reach.



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