Polserfest Annual Carnival/Vendor Fair



Central Standard Time



Polser Elementary
1520 Polser Road
Carrollton, Texas 75007

Polserfest is an annual fall carnival at Polser Elementary School in Carrollton. It is free to attend, but tickets and wristbands would need to be purchased for the following attractions: bouncehouses, haunted house, stage exhibitions and performances, fingernail/hair painting, medic tent, carnival games, magicians show, and much more, where the regular price of wristbands is $20 on event day and tickets are $0.25/each. Tickets would allow, in addition to the above attractions, the purchase of concessions, and participation in the Cookie/Cupcake Walk, Castle Hills Taekwondo Board-breaking booth, Sidekicks Karate attraction, and the Wii Dance Challenge booths. There will also be a Vendor Fair that day in conjunction with Polserfest, where each booth is $25, and each selling vendor would get to keep whatever is made, with non-selling vendors would get unlimited advertising at the Fair. Please contact Stacey Lee @ for the Vendor Sign Up Form and more information.