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The Golden Rule has been a guide for humanity for a long time. The idea that you'd want to be treated fairly necessarily means that everyone would want to be treated fairly.

So, how do we decide on fairness? How do we know if we have treated others fairly?

Other synonymous terms are justly, equitably, evenly, and impartially. Each term denotes a different aspect of justness or justice.

The idea is actually quite vast as fair-mindedness is a beautiful virtue that encompasses all aspects of life. It is economic, social, societal, and governmental.

It encompasses actions in the punishment of crime, police use of force, and governmental use of destructive power.

It is personal, inter-personal, inter-racial, inter-gender, inter-nation, and inter-state. Its use is limited but its application is ubiquitous.

It impacts your food intake, your friends/family, your classroom, your work, your wages, and your time.

Its utility is in environmentalism, consumerism, spiritualism, capitalism, and socialism. It is the very fabric of society.  

You see why it has been around for a long time! I have attached a picture that artistically portrays the Golden Rule with virtually synonymous

sayings from Baha'i faith, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism. Enjoy and pass on to others. The underlying spiritual message

of every divine religion is the same even though social laws vary and each is known by a different name.


Dr. Davoodi 

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