Members of Baha'i faith in Flower Mound appreciate what they have. The security to worship as they wish

knowing that Americans are not restricted in any way from any legitimate form of religious worship.

Discussion at meeting of Flower Mound Baha'is on the eve of halloween turned from trick or treat.

Instead, the discussion was about the news story below.

"...the authorities in one region of Iran have launched a widespread, pre-planned, systematic

attack against Baha'i business owners. This has brought further pain and hardship to countless

families who are already suffering from the consequences of government policies

aimed at nothing less than the economic strangulation of the Baha'i community in Iran.

On the morning of Saturday 25 October, the authorities descended on no fewer

than 79 Baha'i-owned shops in Kerman, ..., summarily sealing the premises which were

closed to allow the proprietors to observe a Baha'i Holy Day." 
One of the many benefits that Flower Mound residents enjoy is the knowledge that their place of

business would not be attacked, sealed, or persecuted because of the proprietor's choice

of religion. Obviously, 21st century has not arrived in some parts of the world.  

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